Our Community Cares

In relationship with one another, we are able to understand each other’s challenges, needs, hopes and dreams.  Through ongoing community conversation and our centralized location on the El Camino Real, we introduced a new ministry resource:

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Our Community Cares

How did we come up with the name and logo?

The word “care” has multiple meanings. It’s a noun and it’s a verb.  As Christians we acknowledge individual cares and concerns in our community and that only happens when we care about the individual.  For a relationship, it’s centered on and grounded in love.  Put another way, our community cares for our community cares. The cares become interconnected when both people reach out to share with and among each other.

How does it really work?

It’s about communication with one another. That begins first by listening and then listening and listening some more. Our focus is not about solving, but partnering.  When two individuals come together for care, it’s centered with compassion, a common ground and something we have experienced through God’s grace shown to us in Christ Jesus.

What does Our Community Cares focus on right now?

The goal is to meet and empower people with fundamental needs. We begin with food, clothing and daily essentials.

Food Pantry

occ_fp2We have revamped our existing cabinet into a community pantry where individuals can come in and select items much like one would do at the local supermarket. We want people to have the opportunity to select items of their choice.

Items are designed for those with and without access to a kitchen.  In our conversations, we often ask, “What isn’t here that you would find useful?” It’s about building a connection with others and asking rather than assuming.


occ_wWe now have a wardrobe filled with clothing and daily essentials based on feedback we have received.  Such items include jackets, sleeping pads, socks, under ware, blankets, gloves, and toiletries.

Similar to our food pantry, visitors are welcomed in to select items from our wardrobe.  Rather than providing monetary gifts, we are building relationships with people to understand their specific cares.  That care becomes mutual as we build understanding with one another.  Simply handing out money often becomes transactional and devoid of a relational connection.  This ministry seeks to build relationships.

occ_w2We’ve expanded our staging area and built specialized storage to help meet greater community needs.

For more information or to make an individual request contact us at 650.583.5622 or stop by our North Campus at 609 Southwood Drive in South San Francisco, CA 94080.