Community Garden

God calls us to care for all of creation. An outcropping of our community meal, along with funding from Thrivent, parishioners and volunteers tend to the vegetables that are conducive to South City’s climate.

garden1Lettuce, zucchini, tomato and cucumber yields become a part of our community meal to share with our guests.

2022 Updates

Mowing the back field and pruning blackberries.

Cleaning up garden beds.

New Crops

2020 Updates

Cherry Tomatoes.

Eggplant Blooms.

First sample box!

Bell Peppers.


Mini pumpkin patch!

The field grass in our blackberry grove needed tending to.

Finished product!

New plantings for the year.

Thank you volunteers!

2019 Updates

Thank you Justin and scout team for expanding our garden beds!

Our wild blackberry crop

Our lettuce crop

A diversity of lettuce donated by Plenty, Inc of SSF!

The pilot planting taking to the soil!

2018 Developments

Weed prevention and better walking!

Mini Corn Field Starting

Flourishing Basil

Summer Harvest #1

Summer Harvest #2

2017 Updates

Eggplant Blossoms

Summer Squash

Green Tomatoes


2016 Results!

marinaraCanned marinara from our summer tomato crop
to be used at an upcoming community lunch!


First Strawberries

May tomatoes begin

2014  Garden Updates

First crop of Broccoli with Flowers ready for Harvest

First Crop for 2014 from Our Community Garden

Strawberries, Tomatoes and Radishes



Salad for the May Community Lunch — Thanks to the garden!


Summertime Lettuce and Carrots (July/August)


Summer Heirloom Tomatoes (August)


Fall crop (September 2014)