Our worship experience is inclusive and energetic. Really? Yes, really.

Located on busy El Camino Real, we have many people attend a Sunday gathering as they walk by or get off at the bus stop. We’ve also built a large connection of friends from our community lunch and weekday programs that many come on Sunday morning to see more of what Unity Lutheran Church is all about. We are there for the community as a resource and as a church, sometimes for both, or maybe just as a resource and not church, and that’s okay by us.  It’s about sharing God’ love, entering into relationships with others and meaning it.  It’s central to our worship and our faith to be inclusive and caring for those who gather in our midst.

This is possible due to an overall evolving church environment.   Unity Lutheran formed by ongoing collaboration of three local churches to become what we are today.  A two year exploration of what it means to be church that connects with community called us to try new things as an organization and our worship together.  It means having an approach that is truly open to new ideas and new participants. Once again it’s about meaning it.  It was vital to and even perhaps proof that it could work as we are Unity today, bringing a unique energy that is expressed at each Sunday morning worship.

Please come to a worship gathering to be part of and help shape the future of Unity.  We hope to truly mean it for you and your experience.  Really? Yes, really. Let us know what you observed and felt, not to mention feedback and ideas you might have. How? Grab pastor after service or you can email feedback and ideas to pastor@unityssf.org.