Ministry Partners

Another way Unity Lutheran Church continues its mission to share God’s grace is through ministry partnerships.  We are to share our gifts with others.  To that end, we commit 10% of annual donations Unity receives to our ministry partners.  Whatever the actual dollar donations total each year, higher or lower, we target the 10%.

The final tally for 2018 ministry partner support was $22,000.

So in summary, a 10% benevolence commitment means that whatever the actual donations are, we are devoted to God’s mission in ways where through the Spirit, we trust in others.

Our Social Concerns Committee receives applications from the church and communities, applying a strategy best described as “glocal”.  God’s mission is broad and wide, so we look to support ministries in our specific community, as well as regional, national, international and global expressions.  We have received applications for the following organizations:


The Social Concerns Committee reviews applications and works closely with those who submit applications for consideration.  A percent or partial percent allocation is assigned to our ministry partners with disbursements made two or three times a year.

Accountability and transparency is key.  Allocations are reviewed with Church Council and updates provided to the people of Unity and ministry partners.  Trust, stewardship and care grounded in God’s grace guides the process.

Having this clear stewardship and financial strategy allows everyone to know what happens when excess money comes in.  It doesn’t mean pare back giving.  It allows us to share God’s blessings with our partners where we don’t have to worry about “how much and when”.   We can spend less time worrying about “what will come in” and focus more time on “who can we partner with”.  More time can be spent on building relationships within and outside our congregation.