Lake Victoria Christian School of Tanzania

 mini_heart 2016 Ministry Partner Support: $500

Based in Kahunda, Tanzania. Lake Victoria Christian English Medium School (LVCEM) is a program in partnership with African Inland Mission. Ministry teams are diverse, from outreach workers and church planters, to medical personnel, to a broad network of logistical and support personnel – pilots, teachers, accountants, engineers, IT workers, and more.

Specifically at LVCEM, the school began originally as a Kindergarten in 2009 that met in the church sanctuary, then moved into a classroom which had begun as a Sunday School room for the church. The school grew quickly, from 40 Kindergartens to 80 Kindergartens, which were divided into three levels: Nursery, KG1, and KG2. After the first class of Kindergarteners graduated, the church requested to start an elementary school as it became clear that private school education, using English, rather than Swahili (the language of government education until grade 7), was desired by the community.

The rapid growth of the school demonstrated that the school itself could be self-sustainable. The community was very excited about their children being in a better environment through a church school, learning about God, and learning English at a young age, rather than in the 8th grade, as in the government schools. Both English and Swahili are official languages of Tanzania.

The school is now in its 5th year, and has just added the 4th grade. There are currently 136 students enrolled.

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